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Different Event types
Different Event types
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Automated - (our most popular choice) is the default setup & selection, its automated and has options to make it appear live. It also contains a self-destructive Built-in replay after the initial webinar is complete.

Live - Our focus is on presenting from one person to many people, so different than what other products may offer. Used to deliver real live webinars with a Youtube or Twitch streaming link placed within its Live Console. You can upload recordings made from Youtube or Twitch to your Library after the Live event is complete and run it as a replay, or create a new "automated live" event from the recording.

Hybrid - A mix of automated and live webinars, you can first show a recording and then go live at the end or use a “Backup Alternative Ending” video from your Stealth Video Library, if you are unable to attend.

Dedicated Replay - allows viewers to attend the webinar in an On Demand format without scheduling, clients can be sent directly to its Watchpage Link to logon & view, the viewer will be taken to the webinar immediately upon registration.

Public Webinar - Viewers can attend unregistered watchpage link (on a loop) , these types of webinars operate much differently with only view stats. , please check the link above here for details.

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