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Where can I host my webinar video?
Where can I host my webinar video?

how to upload webinar video

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You do not need any third-party services to host your webinar videos. You can upload your webinar videos directly from your computer to our system. 

1. Go to My Library, click on Upload Video

2. Give your file a Name (it can be any name, your webinar attendees will not see this), click on Choose File, select the file from your computer and then hit Upload

3. You will see something like this. Keep this window open until it hits 100%

4. Once it hits 100%, you will see this, now you can close this window, and wait until you receive an email that your file is transcoded, or check back at this page in 2-3 hours.

5. Once your file is transcoded, go to My Webinars, and go inside your webinar editor

6. From Webinars > Easy - Webinar Setup > Webinar Video > Click on Switch Video

7. Now just select your webinar video from this list, the latest webinar will be the first webinar in your list (note: Placeholder video first, then your uploaded videos), and hit Save

You are done!

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