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Start Here for Live Webinar Tutorial (live webinars and hybrid / live webinars)
Start Here for Live Webinar Tutorial (live webinars and hybrid / live webinars)

Run live webinars using Twitch, Youtube Live, OBS, Ecamm live, Manycam, XSplit Broadcaster to show your PowerPoint, KeyNote and Webcam

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Welcome. This is your starting point if you are interested in doing live stream webinars and/ or hybrid webinars. 

Our live webinars are presented and look exactly the same as the automated and hybrid webinar experience.

In addition,  they all are presented on our faux site ( or your own custom URL and can include all our features including registration, reminders, tracking, segmenting, calls to action, polls, chat, etc.  That way, if you have the same attendees attend automated, hybrid, or live, they all look consistent. 

Step 1: Set Up The Live Webinar using Twitch or Youtube Live

To deliver live stream webinars we integrate with Twitch and Youtube Live. The live stream is integrated within and appears on our pages. Twitch and Youtube live are very robust and stable. They are both outstanding platforms.

Two Live  Webinar Options

  1. You can deliver the live stream webinar using your camera connected to your computer. This option can be done with no additional tools other than StealthSeminar and Youtube Live. This option is used less than option 2 below.

  2. For the majority of live stream webinars, this will be the option they are interested in. With this option, you can deliver with your camera connected to your computer, plus you can show slides, multiple guests, graphics, lower thirds, videos, applications, pictures, etc. Just like you see on TV. This option is done by using Twitch/Youtube Live, StealthSeminar plus an additional broadcasting software (free or paid). 

Step 2: Decide on the Webinar Type You Desire

How to deliver Live webinars with option 1: Live Webinar with only Your live Camera Streamed Live to Your Attendees

Step 1: To get started you need a Youtube Live account. Follow instructions here if you don't already have one.

Step 2: Here is how to deliver live webinars using this option. 

How to Live Stream with option 2: Live Webinar with TV-like Options that includes Multiple Guests on Camera, Lower Thirds, Slides, Videos, Applications, etc.

Step 1: To get started you need a Twitch or Youtube Live account. Follow instructions here for Youtube Live or the first video here for Twitch if you don't already have one.

Step 2: Consider the various encoding software tools you can use below. Our favorite ones are below, in order of priority, however, you can use any you desire. I have included affiliate links where possible but that in no way influences the recommendations.

Ecamm Live: This is a paid option that allows me to do anything I desire. It is robust, intuitive, stable and easy. This is the option I use.

OBS: This is a free open source software that has similar functionality as Ecamm. The biggest difference I find between Ecamm and OBS is that I find Ecamm is more intuitive for me to use.

Xsplit: Inexpensive and offers professional production features if you upgrade. I prefer OBS over XSplit because you cannot do Skype-based presentations on the free version for XSplit.

ManyCam: Is a very inexpensive software that has a lot of features, but does not have quite the freedom or stability that the above options offer. 

Step 3: Integrate Your Broadcast Software

After downloading your software broadcasting software, see here for the tutorials to deliver live webinars with the software you decided on: Ecamm Live, Twitch Live With OBS, Youtube Live with OBS, ManyCam, Xsplit.

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