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How to run a live webinar using Twitch & StealthSeminar
How to run a live webinar using Twitch & StealthSeminar
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Please note: After your live stream is complete, first end the webinar on our Live Console, then end Stream in Twitch (using whatever broadcasting app you are using, e.g. OBS). In the video below, I ended it in Twitch first.

You can use any live streaming software you desire such as paid options like Ecamm or free options like OBS. Below the tutorial is included for OBS. If you use any other option, it's all relatively the same, you simply

  1. Get the Stream Key from Twitch (follow the first video to find out how)

  2. Start the stream from your broadcaster

  3. Then get the Twitch Channel URL (follow the second video from the tutorial)

  4. Finally, put the Twitch Chanel URL in StealthSeminar Broadcast Console and that's it.

Step 1: Setup Twitch & OBS

Step 2: Connect Twitch & StealthSeminar

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