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How do I set up a dedicated replay?
How do I set up a dedicated replay?
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A Dedicated Replay setup literally takes a few minutes.

First go create a "New Webinar"

Then give it a title, and then from Webinar Type, select Dedicated Replay. Then select your video and hit save.

Then in "Advanced Setup", set the interaction you want.

If you want attendees to fast forward during the webinar, choose "All Controls" from "Video Control"

Then go to "Scheduling" and set an "End Date" for the replay.

That's it! You can now grab your dedicated replay url from here.

By default, registration page is disabled for Dedicated Replays, but you can set up one if you want. You can add call to actions just like your automated live events as well.

Special Note*

The watchpage link at our Dedicated Replay webinar events can be appended with client's name/email info. to autofill and register them automatically there.

Example >

Use your watchpage link to replace with in above link for email replies, or let us know if you have any questions how to a chatbox..

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