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How to set up a public webinar
How to set up a public webinar

Anonymous webinar without any registration or login required

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Before you continue, please note for public webinars:

  1. It is not possible to capture name, email or any information at all. It's anonymous. Stats will be tracked by unique ip addresses of the attendees. 

  2. You cannot use any plugin for public webinars.

  3. All types of split test are disabled.

  4. Prime insertion point still works and people can join the webinar late in progress.

Click on the New Webinar button (1), and give your webinar a title (2), select the Webinar Type (Automated Webinar is the default choice) (3) select a webinar video (4), and then finally hit Save button (5).

Then click on the Registration menu and then from Registration Page Types select Public Webinar

At this point all you have to do is, set up your schedules, and call to action if you use any.

There are two new settings for public webinars. 

  • Take to countdown on arrival

  • Redirect to next instance of this webinar

Take to countdown on arrival

Once you set up the public webinar the above way, you will see this option in Registration > Registration Page Types

By default it will be turned on. When turned on, this automatically takes a visitor to next webinar available i.e the countdown page.

If it's turned OFF, then it shows a choice of next available date/time and a login button like this

Redirect to next instance of this webinar

If you go to Miscellaneous > Missed Webinar / Webinar Complete Redirect has this option. By default that is turned ON for public webinars. 

Lets say you have set up the webinar to run everyday at 2pm Eastern. With this option enabled, after someone attends the webinar today, if they go back to the same link tomorrow, they will see the countdown for tomorrow's webinar.

If you disable this option, you can set up the automatic redirect or keep the default Webinar Complete page.

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