You can run these 4 types of events on our platform

  • Automated Webinar (our most popular choice)
  • Dedicated Replay
  • YouTube Live
  • Hybrid Webinar (mix of pre-recorded and live)

Automated is the default selection. This is the standard way to set up a webinar so it is automated and appears live. Then it can also be automatically turned into a Replay.

Dedicated Replay allows viewers to attend the webinar on demand. The viewer will be taken to the webinar immediately upon registration.

YouTube Live is used to do real live webinars. Youtube automatically records your live streaming, which you can later upload to your account and run it as a replay or an automated live event.

Hybrid is a mix of automated and live webinars. When selected, you can first show a recording and then go live at the end as well as use a “Backup Alternative Ending” video selection if you decide not to have the live portion.

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