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How do I test my setup?
How do I test my setup?
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After you do or support does the setup, it is always recommended that you run a thorough test.

First, we recommend previewing all your pages and see if anything is broken. Check these articles to see how to preview your pages.

Once you confirm they look okay, you should 

  1. Clone your event, so your main event's stats is not affected.

  2. Then register & attend your cloned webinar. 

Registering for the webinar

This is easy. Once you get your registration page link, just go there, enter your name and your own email address. If you have one email address but want to test multiple times with the same one, then you can use the "+" symbol. e.g. Lets say your email address is

When you add +test1, it becomes, but it's still going to send emails to

After registering for your webinar, you should check whether you get all the emails or not. 

Also, check if the webinar link in those emails are correct. If you customized your emails, check if the formatting looks okay.

Attending the webinar

While attending the webinar, you should test if the webinar video is starting in time. Check if your call to action links are showing up in full screen, if the links are correct and finally, when the video finishes, whether the redirect url is working or not. 

Once your webinar ends, see if you get your replay emails. Click on those replay emails and follow the same procedure above for replays as well.

That's it. If you are happy with the test, your webinar is good to go.

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