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How do I setup replay for my live webinar?
How do I setup replay for my live webinar?
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  1. Go to your live webinar editor

  2. Click on Scheduling Menu

  3. Then find the AUTOMATIC REPLAY AVAILABLE section

  4. Select the webinar video you want to play as the replay and hit save. Note that you must manually upload the video recording of the live event that you did, and it must be done before replay is set to be available. e.g. if you run your webinar at 5 pm, it ends at 6 pm, replay is set to be available 4 hours after live one ends, then the video must be uploaded before 10 pm (6 pm + 4 hours).

    5. If you want to change the replay available delay from 4 hours, you can do so by going to the Advanced - Scheduling > AUTOMATIC DELAYED RESET TIME section

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