Question: Is there any pre-requisite for running a Youtube Live?

Answer: Yes. Please check this article

Question: What kind of latency should I use for my live webinar? 

Answer: We recommend using "Low" or "Ultra-low" latency. Please read more here.

Question: Where can I find tutorials on youtube live webinars?

Answer: You can go here to find them

Question: How long before the webinar should I have my link ready?

Answer: You must enter the Youtube live url in the "Live Console" on our end at least 5 minutes before webinar. After that you will be locked out. Our recommendation is you start 30 minutes before when you are just starting. Then 15 minutes before when you are comfortable. Then you can start cutting it closer if you desire.

Question: Will people watch the webinar on your site or in youtube?

Answer: On your webinar page on

Question: Do I need any third party app for running youtube live? 

Answer: Yes. Please check this article

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