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How to verify your phone number for your account
How to verify your phone number for your account

Verify your phone number to enable reminders

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We recommend verifying your phone number as soon as you sign up for your account.

Please note, that in order to stop spam signups, we allow only one phone number per account.

To verify your phone number, go to your user account.

And then in the user account, click on Edit beside the SMS number

Then enter the phone number in the SMS number field and hit save.

Once you save, you will see these options. Click on Send Verification Code. You will see a banner like this. A verification code is now sent to the phone number that you entered.

Once you have received the code, just click on Enter Code, and then in the popup enter the code. (Please note 111111 is just an example, your code will be different)

​What is an SMS number?
SMS number is just the mobile phone number that you use.

Can I use the same SMS number across multiple different accounts?

No, only one number can be used per account

How long does it take to receive the code?

About 5 minutes.

I have not received my code yet. What can I do?
Please try again, and if you still have not received it, please contact support.

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