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Changes made in June 2021:


  • New Watch Page templates called Clean and Dark


  • Show a “you have unsaved changes” modal when someone updates their overage protection settings and then tries to navigate away

  • Custom domain text on the pricing page


  • The preview button on the select template page is not linked to the registration preview

  • Webinar preview needs some code changes to use the different watch page templates

  • Dedicated & Automatic Replays: If viewer pauses the webinar at one point, they are taken to the webinar complete screen prematurely

  • If an attendee misses the webinar, and is redirected to missed redirect URL, in safari, hitting the back button takes them to complete the redirect instead

  • Custom content is not displayed for WYWN replay events

  • Clearing the registration split test stats filter and clicking the "apply" button doesn't reset the stats filter

  • Just In Time schedule doesn't round up to the next time interval if the viewer visits the registration page outside the Between The Times Of times

  • Sorting admin users list by name doesn't sort alphabetically

  • If clients upload a chat message import file that has any empty/blank required data cells, the import fails after a server timeout, and no error is displayed

  • Saving payment details without one required field clears all of the other payment detail fields

  • The go Back button on the dedicated replay webinar live page not working

  • Saving the registration template editor before an image finishes uploading does not save the image. The image does not show up on the registration page

  • No validation error message displayed below the Tax ID/VAT Number field

  • Submitting the StealthSeminar registration form with an invalid SMS number doesn't display a validation error message

  • Public Webinar: Missing a webinar replay does not redirect the user to the missed webinar URL

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