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StealthSeminar and Hubspot user token (UTK)
StealthSeminar and Hubspot user token (UTK)
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Since we do not use Hubspot's Form API, you probably are wondering if we are able to pass the activity of the contact to Hubspot at all.

The answer is yes. We do. If you are using our built-in templates, this will work automatically, as long as you put Hubspot tracking code on your signup page.

However, if you are using our embed widgets to sign people up for the webinar from your own website, you will have to add this additional code before the end of the body tag (before </body), after your Hubspot tracking code.

/* Note: Make sure the HubSpot tracking code is installed on the page as well.
window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
if ( === 'get_hubspotutk') {
window._hsq = window._hsq || [];
window._hsq.push(['identify', { email: }]);
event.source.postMessage(document.cookie.match(/hubspotutk=\S+/)[0], '');

If you have any confusion, do not hesitate to contact support.

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