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Changes made on March 31, 2020:

Power plan users: Added more features for power plan users and support admins for better handling of power plan users.

Webhook update: Send Webinar Duration and Attendee Viewership with the webhooks.

Other Enhancements:

  1. Changed cancellation and hibernation process.

  2. Disable the "import and replace" and "import and merge" buttons in the chat manager while the import is loading, so users cannot make duplicate records if there is an error.

Bug fixes:

  1. Minor SMS validation issue when splitting name to first name and last name.

  2. Chat/Q&A CSV Import and Replace feature not working.

  3. Call to action is NOT working correctly for Live Webinars.

  4. The displayed number of attendees online caps at 150.

  5. Chat messages added manually or via bulk import don't show up in the chat manager until a page refresh.

  6. Minor stats fixes.

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