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How do I enable/disable fast forward?
How do I enable/disable fast forward?

Helpful for testing your webinar, skipping towards the end of the video to see the call to action

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Please note: When you enable fast forward this way, your active webinar attendees will also see the fast forward options. So this is only recommended if you are just testing. If you are already live, then first duplicate your webinar and then follow this tutorial.
โ€‹Also, when you set it to fast forward this way, you will lose the settings for your Audience Interaction and Audience Reporting. So make a note of both (how they were set up before) and then follow below.

Step 1: Go into your webinar editor either by clicking on the title or Edit button

Step 2: From Webinar menu, go to Advanced - Webinar Setup and click on Configure

Step 3: Scroll down until you find Video Controls. Choose All Controls. Hit Save. When you are done make sure to change this back to Volume Controls and Full Screen or Volume Controls Only, otherwise your attendees will see the same when you are live.

Now you can preview your webinar to see how it looks like.

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