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How to use Stealth Personalized Pics
How to use Stealth Personalized Pics

Adding additional field text to your webinar

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You can watch the video above or follow this below.

Text Additions & Editing:

This will typically be used to add a custom name field of your registrant to the image, but other registration field options are available to choose from. The example below is for adding a custom image to your Welcome email.

It is important to remember: Any editing should only be previewed and use of the back button is recommended to proceed. 

When saving the edited text a popup will be provided for Field to be acquired as shown below.

Your field associated text will be displayed at the “Change Text” icon as shown below

Options for additional text editing are accessible once your linked image has been loaded: Including content, font, color, size, and alignment

The color of your text will be automatically tuned to your image’s pallet upon upload. To change select from the pallets listed as shown below.

Again, preview to consider any changes, saving here will finish the image.

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