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My Attendee Rates Appear to have Gone Down (How to Read Webinar Attendee Active Engagement Stats™)
My Attendee Rates Appear to have Gone Down (How to Read Webinar Attendee Active Engagement Stats™)

Attendee stats, legacy system vs new system stats, attendee rate went down, why is my attendee rate lower than legacy system

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Written by Geoff Ronning
Updated over a week ago

With the new software we have adjusted how our stats count attendees. The downside, is it appears to show lower attendance (which is not true, let me explain). The upside is it gives us more actionable data. The bottom-line is the number of attendees is NOT changing, however, the way we are counting them has, therefore, they show a fewer number.

In the past this was typical:
Approximately an 70-80% Webinar Show Up Rate!

Now, according to our stats this is typical:
Approximately an 50% Actively Engaged Webinar Show Up Rate

Here is why:

We went from a Webinar Page loaded stat, to what we call: Webinar Attendee Active Engagement Stats™

We now shows stats of ONLY people who are engaged with your webinar. When an attendee is on another browser tab or software, it shows they are not attending your webinar. So you receive only accurate stats, no false data.

So if someone has the webinar event page loaded, in the past that was counted even if the attendee has another tab uppermost and is giving their attention to that tab (on FB, YouTube, etc.). Now we have refined the stats to ONLY count people who are on your webinar, with the webinar tab / window as the uppermost top tab.

Now,  if someone goes to FB for a minute it shows them leaving briefly.  Same for any software they put their attention on. So if someone goes to email, it shows them leaving until the attendee comes back and has webinar as top most on their system again. They are not literally signing out of your webinar they are simply being distracted by engaging with another application or tab on their browser.

We are proud to be the only automated webinar service that offers these sorts of  stats that will allow you to refine and plug holes in your webinars that you otherwise would not be made aware of with lesser stats.

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