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How do I send the replay email from AWeber?
How do I send the replay email from AWeber?
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Replay url is different from the actual webinar link. If you have set up a Built-in/Self Destructive replay then you can follow this to send replay email

1. Go to your event editor > "Plugins" > "AWeber Plugin" > View 

Add the tag that you have created. You could also use a list.

2. Then go to aweber and create a campaign with that tag as trigger.

3. Now lets add the replay link to the email.

 grab your webinar link from your account on our end.

The link should look something like this

***Change it to this (so instead of /a/, it should be /r/***

Then paste this link in your AWeber email and follow this

So eventually the link will look something like this{!custom SS Replay ID}?id={!custom SS Autologin ID}

That's it, that's the unique webinar link.

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