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How do I send a reminder before the webinar from AWeber?
How do I send a reminder before the webinar from AWeber?
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In this article, we are assuming you have already followed this, double optin is turned off for your AWeber API, created the list for your registrant in AWeber.

With our advanced AWeber plugin, you can send emails as soon as someone registers for the webinar, and reminders 48, 24, 6, 3, 1 hour, 15 and 5 minutes before the webinar.

You can also send an email when replay is available and another, 4 hours before replay expires.

Send an email after someone registers for the webinar

1. First of all go to AWeber, and follow this for the list that you have created. We are creating a custom field inside AWeber, that is just temporary/placeholder. 

2. Then go to your event editor > "Plugins" > "AWeber Plugin" > View 

You can add people to AWeber list when they register for the webinar this way

After you do that, please register for your webinar, this is very important as this will create the webinar details fields inside AWeber, that you can later use for reminders. 

After a successful registration, your custom field should look something like this.

3. Before we add the registration email, we are going to create our tags. If you want, you can use list to trigger emails.

To create tags, just go to your contact details in aweber and add tags to the test contacts you just created. For this tutorial, I am creating a "Registrants" tag that will trigger campaign for all registrants and a "5 minutes reminder" tag that will trigger a reminder 5 minutes before the webinar starts. Then we will go back to StealthSeminar app and inside event editor, we will apply the tag we just created.

4. Now that we have created our tag, we can go ahead and create our registration email for our campaign. That's it! Make sure you test this by registering for your webinar!

Send a reminder

Here is how you can send a 5 minutes reminder before the webinar. 

1. Go to your StealthSeminar app, and apply a tag that you created for your 5 minutes reminder

2. Then go to your aweber campaign and add the 5 minutes reminder

You can set up other reminders the same way.

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