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What's different?
What's different?
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What is different in the new version of StealthSeminar?

Everything is different. We rebuilt the software from the ground up so our users can now set up their events on their owns, easily and quickly.

What are some of the specific benefits that the new version offers?

  • All webinar videos now use html5 (which means no flash anymore) and they play without any third party app. 

  • All pages now have SSLs.

  • All pages are responsive.

  • Call to actions, redirections work on all devices.

  • More advanced stats

  • More advanced financial reporting

  • Registration Widget that can be placed on any page online so you can add registration easily anywhere (WP, Clickfunnels, LeadPages,etc.) 

  • And many additional items we are adding weekly to improve webinar show up rate, retention, etc. to make your webinars even more profitable. 

How do I move my current events from the legacy system to the new system?

Existing events from legacy system cannot be moved to the new system. But support will be happy to help you recreate your events. Click on the blue ribbon below to start a conversation.

Once your event is set up on the new system, you can follow this to redirect your old registration pages to the new system.

To sign up for the free trial, click here.

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