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How do I post a feedback/submit a bug?
How do I post a feedback/submit a bug?
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To post a feedback or submit a bug, please follow this:

Go to your Stealth Seminar App. Click on "Customer Support"

In the sidebar, you will see two buttons, "Feature Requests" & "Report a Bug"

Click on "Feature Requests"  to send a feature request or just any feedback regarding the app. Once you click on it, you will be able to see all the existing feedback. If you think yours is unique, you can create a new post on that page and submit your feedback. Otherwise, you can just up-vote an existing feature/feedback by clicking on the rating board.

Click on "Report a Bug" if you think you have found any bug. When posting a bug, please be as detailed as you can. Here is a template that you can use.

  1. Where did this happen (screenshot or video is preferred but at minimum a URL please)?

  2. What happened?

  3. What did you expect to happen instead?

  4. Any additional comments?

Thank you very much for posting your feedback/bug report by the way, we truly appreciate you :)

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