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What kind of delay will my attendees experience for my live webinars?
What kind of delay will my attendees experience for my live webinars?
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Please note:  With live streaming, the benefit is there is no software for each of your attendees to install such as with GotoWebinar, Zoom, etc. The downside is there is a slight delay due to latency (about 6 seconds for our recommended setting below). Latency means the time it takes for the stream to reach each attendee's computer.  

Typically latency is not an issue with webinars because you are doing a presentation that includes a Q&A segment (s), you are not having a conversation. If you want a conversation then the noted options above our better choices than live streaming.

Youtube Live:

To set your  latency options, go to your youtube live, and in "Stream Preview", click on "SETTINGS" and in "Stream Settings", you will see these options in "Stream optimizations" section:

Our recommendation is that you choose:

Recommended setting: Low-latency

Best for near real-time interactivity

Choose this option if you want low latency with minimal viewer buffering. This is about a 6-second delay from your delivery until it reaches your attendees. Again, no one notices as you are not having a direct conversation with attendees. You are presenting a webinar. 

Our 2nd choice:

Ultra low-latency

Best for: highly interactive live streams with real-time engagement

Final Note: Obviously, anytime you are streaming your biggest factor will be your internet connection speed. While streaming do not also be doing any other high resource activities on your internet connection such as watching Netflix, gaming, etc. 


1. While logged inside your account, click on your avatar, and find Settings

2. Click on Channels and Videos

3. Scroll until you find Latency Mode, choose Low Latency.

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