Please read this first: Do I have to pay for using the marketing plugins?

All the marketing plugin offers the same number of segmenting options for attendees/non-attendees. We trigger tags/sequences/campaign/list when:

They attend the webinar
If they log into your webinar (not replay, replay has a separate trigger, see below), then this is triggered. This is applied as soon as they attend the webinar.

They miss the webinar
If they do not attend the webinar, then this is applied after the webinar ends.

They purchase the product
If you have sales pixel installed, then you this will track when someone purchases your product, or visits your thank you page where the sales pixel is added. This is applied as soon as the action happens.

They leave before
If you want to track whether someone left before a certain point during the webinar e.g if they left before seeing your call to action at 35 minutes, you can use this. This is applied after webinar ends.

They stay until
Lets say you want to track if someone stayed until the webinar ended, you can use this to track that. This is applied after webinar ends.

They join after
If you want to see whether someone attended the webinar after a certain point, e.g after 10 minutes into the webinar, you can use this. This is applied after webinar ends.

They view a call-to-action
The classic call to action tracker! This is triggered whenever someone sees one of your calls to action.

They click a call-to-action
If someone clicks on the button that you set up, then this is triggered. This along with "They purchase the product", can be a very powerful tool!

They attend the webinar replay

This is triggered when someone watches the replay (if replay is set to be available for the webinar)

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