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In this article, we are assuming you have already followed this and also you have created the sequences with your reminders in your autoresponder or created the tags that would trigger the reminders in an "Automation" in convertkit.

With our advanced ConvertKit plugin, you can send emails as soon as someone registers for the webinar, and reminders 48, 24, 6, 3, 1 hour, 15 and 5 minutes before the webinar.

You can also send an email when replay is available and another, 4 hours before replay expires.

To find all these options, go to your event editor > "Plugins" > "Convertkit Plugin" > View 

You can follow this to add a tag to anyone who registers for your webinar.

Then use that tag to create an automation or a rule in ConvertKit that will send people an email. 

If you want to send a reminder before the webinar, the process is the same. 

Here is an example for the 5 minutes reminder.

Please Note: ConvertKit has a limitation, they do not same sequence to the same person multiple times.

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