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How do I bulk import chat messages?
How do I bulk import chat messages?
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Please note: Chat message length should not exceed 800 character.
Please note: Chat Minute (0-59), Chat Second (0-59), Name for Chat (e.g. John D.) and Chat Message (e.g. This looks great!) must have some value. They cannot be empty. Otherwise the chats will not be populated.

You can bulk import chat messages for both "Live Chat" and "Chat Replay".

You can go to "Chat/Q&A", then click on "Bulk Import Messages", then "Download Bulk Import Template"

Then open the csv file, and add your messages. 

  1. Add minutes for the first cell (under Chat Minute (0-59)). e.g. for a message 1 hour and 5 minutes into webinar, add 65.

  2. For second cell (under Chat Second (0-59)), enter seconds. e.g. if you want to add a message 40 minutes and 25 seconds into the webinar, add 25 there.

  3. For third cell (under Name for Chat (e.g. John D.)), enter the name that you want to show, before the chat message.

  4. For fourth cell (under Chat Message (e.g. This looks great!)) add the actual chat message

  5. For fifth cell (under Mark as Host User? (YES or blank)), enter "YES" if the message is intended to be shown from the System/Host/Presenter. Leave it blank otherwise.

 Then save it. Close the csv file. 

Then go back to "Bulk Import Messages", click on "Start Messages Import". Select the csv file you just edited. 

Once you do that, it will show you the messages you entered. Click on "Import Messages" and it's done!

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