Insider secret, we call it the "Stealth Poll". :)

Yes, you can. Go to your event editor, then to "Calls to Action". From "CTA Type" select "Simulated Poll".

You have to set the time for the poll questions and results (if you want you can hide the results) to appear.

For live events you can manually trigger that from "Live Console".

Then add your questions, answers and results (if you want any). You can select where the poll should appear, i.e beneath video/on video/top side right/bottom side right.

You can change color for button, poll question, answers and background as well. Once you are done, you can preview how it will look like during the webinar. Don't forget to hit save! 

Please note: We do not track poll submissions for "Simulated Poll". We only do that for "Live Poll"

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