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Webinar Split Testing
Webinar Split Testing
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Important: We split test by webinar, not dates. Therefore, for each split test change you make, be sure generate a fresh webinar to split test so you have accurate results.
You can test two different sets of webinar content against each other, such as two different webinar videos.

When traffic hits either Registration URL, we randomize and balance the traffic across the two webinars in the split test.ย 

From there, we keep registrants attached to the webinar they registered for as best as possible.

So, you will need at least two separate events to run split test. As the events are completely separate, that means you can track everything separately for them. The possibilities are endless. Here are a couple scenarios:

  1. Split test different webinar videos

  2. Keep same webinar video for both event, but change the call to actions

  3. Split test between different redirects at the end of the webinar

...and so on.

To set up the webinar split test, the easiest way is to just duplicate your event and make the changes you want. Then enable split test when you are ready

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