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This will display a GDPR Consent checkbox on all Stealth registration forms and collect that consent from users. You can customize the checkbox copy or use the copy we provide, and you can also choose to send this data to any plugins used.

To enable GDPR, go to "Registration", then on "Registration Fields", click on "Edit"

Find "GDPR Consent" and click on the toggle icon next to the pencil icon to enable GDPR. Then click on the pencil icon to expand the options.

If you want to pass the consent to your autoresponder check the "Send GDPR status of registrants to marketing plugins" box.

Add any instruction you want to give your registrants in the "GDPR Instructional Content" text box. 

It is recommended to replace the text in "GDPR Consent Checkbox Text" text box with your own GDPR privacy policy url. Once you are done hit save.

To check how it looks like, check the registration page, click on the buttons to open the registration form.

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