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How does Live Chat/Chat Replay work?
How does Live Chat/Chat Replay work?

How to sync comments to your webinar

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If Live Chat is enabled, attendees of the webinar are able to share messages with each other.

To chat live, you must register for and attend your own webinar, the chat will automatically look for and filter banned words.

If Chat Replay is enabled, clients can add messages by setting a time mark, a name, a message, and specify if the message is from a host or not.

The message table will display all messages that have been added. A circle-slash icon displays next to other members that can be selected to ban the user from chat.

Messages can be filtered by attendees, automated, approved of unapproved. They can also be sorted by time, type or nickname.

A check mark can be clicked to add that message to future chats. Messages can also be removed by selecting the X.

Please Note: If you are using chat replay, you cannot chat live and also, you cannot answer to the questions someone is asking. The chat messages entered live by attendees will be saved in the Chat/Q&A section for you to approve/delete for the next time that your webinar will run.

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